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My Story

Hello, my name is Kristi Moore and I live in Tillamook, Oregon. My husband and I have lived here on the coast since 1993. We have raised three kids who are somehow now all in their  20’s! My Natural Skin Care line came to be when I needed to make a career and lifestyle change. I wanted to stay home to raise my young children while also putting my creativity to use.


In 2000 I started my company Bee Shea with my lip balm product. The next items I added to my core line of products is pure shea butter followed by heel balm. I perfected my recipes by moisturizing myself along with friends and family. The base ingredient in my line is pure Shea butter, I was originally drawn to this butter because of its natural healing qualities. I wanted something that was chemical and preservative free for people, like myself, with sensitive skin.


Once I had the quality product I was looking to produce, I started attending local farmer's markets and festivals selling my hand made butters and oils. I personally hand make every product I offer and take a lot of pride in the rich and luxurious lotions, balms, and oils I produce. The unique creamy texture of my product line has been the key to my long-term success. I appreciate my repeat customers who have been loyal for all these years. I love that I am a "woman owned" small business who has stood the test of time and continues to grow! 

My Mission

My goal is to produce preservative, alcohol, and chemical free skin care products. I strive to make a standardized healing handmade skincare butter, and will continue to produce in small quantities to insure quality.

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